356/basic – P10

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356/basic – ST

Made in Denmark

356/basic – ST   ·   Made in Denmark

air titanium – a Danish design icon

air titanium was LINDBERG’s first and highly innovative product line designed in the mid-eighties. At that time, glasses were heavy, uncomfortable to wear, one-size-fits-all and filled with screws and welded parts. air titanium changed that, introducing a unique modular building system and pioneering work with titanium.

356/basic – P10

356/basic – 10

The collection was created by LINDBERG together with architects Dissing+Weitling and has since been awarded numerous prestigious design awards. Air titanium was the world’s first rimless glasses made of titanium. The design revolutionised the eyewear industry completely. The air titanium collection is truly a design heritage, which has formed the foundation for the strong LINDBERG DNA.

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mastering titanium

For the air titanium collection, LINDBERG designers and engineers worked intensely on how to master titanium material for this innovative new design. Today, working with titanium is one of our strongest skills and it is beautifully integrated in all LINDBERG collections. Titanium adds lightness, durability and flexibility to the minimalistic rimless glasses – and it is hypoallergenic too. With its only 2.7 grams, a pair of air titanium rimless glasses is one of the world’s lightest eyewear designs.

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iconic hinge – a LINDBERG legacy

Having learned to master titanium to perfection, the groundbreaking iconic patented spiral hinge was invented. Designed without screws, rivets, or unnecessary elements, the hinge was a revolution in itself. You can always tell a pair of air titanium glasses by our signature spiral hinge. Beautiful engineering at its best.

– the LINDBERG building system

With the ambition of bringing a pair of rimless glasses to the market, perfectly fitting the wearer’s face – the LINDBERG building system was introduced. This building system gave you the opportunity to 100% tailor your own pair of rimless glasses for the very first time.

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Titanium element symbol Jackie - K229/U9 Photo of LINDBERG shop interior Gillian - K223/P10

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